FAQs, if you’re the customer

iBRIDGE™ shares a link with candidates where they can upload their educational and professional documents and give their consent for background verification. The documents uploaded are used for the complete background verification process, thus making the whole employee onboarding process paperless.

The documents are stored safely on the server. This repository can only be used by an authorised person in your HR team later for reference purposes.

We are committed to data privacy and security. We diligently follow global standards of data privacy guidelines which ensure user data safety and will not be used elsewhere. We are ISO/IEC 27001:2013 compliant for information security.

iBRIDGE™ helps HR teams design their own packages on the platform while initiating a case for their requirement. Different levels of access make delegation easy and gives you complete control over your verification process.

iBRIDGE™ is an onboarding application that offers a seamless, paperless and 100% digital candidate experience. It is a single platform that enables document uploads, onboarding form submissions and digital signing from the onboarding and background verification perspective.

An email will be sent to you by your HR representative with your credentials to log in to iBRIDGE™. You may use these HR-generated credentials to sign in on the iBRIDGE™ and submit the information. We recommend completing your submission in a single sitting.

This usually occurs when any extra spaces are appended with the username or password when copying from the email. Please check if you have copied any blank spaces from the email and try to login again.

Your credentials are valid for 7 days from the date when you received the first email. The login credentials expire after 7 days. Please contact your HR representative to reactivate your account.

You will be required to scroll down to provide your consent and apply a digital signature on the Authorisation form to be able to continue to the next section.

You may select any one of the documents from the dropdown menu in the section. Upload the selected document. Please ensure that you provide the correct documents as you will not be able to revisit this section.

You will not be able to revisit the NID form section once you click on the ‘Continue’ button. Please upload the required documents on the NID form itself, and contact the HR representatives on

Parental Consent document signed by the candidate’s parents is required to be uploaded by the candidate if the candidate’s age is below 18 years. The template is available for the candidate to download, get it signed from their parent and upload the signed form on iBRIDGE™.

You are required to upload proof of the given address in the ‘Upload Document’ for Address Proof section. This may include any National Identity Document or rental agreement. Utility bills like water, electricity, phone or gas bill with your name and address is also acceptable.

The following three documents are required for verification: 1. Uploading the Degree / Degree Certificate is mandatory 2. Semester-wise marksheet(s) 3. Yearly marksheets for all academic years You may upload any one of the ‘Semester-wise marksheet(s)’ or ‘Yearly marksheets’ depending on what has been issued by your university.

The following three documents are required for background verification: 1. Certificate – Passing Certificate 2. Marksheet – Consolidated Marksheet You may upload any one of the required documents in case your board/ school issues any one the above documents.

Yes, you may select and upload multiple documents that you may want to upload.

Form auto-save functionality is available on iBRIDGE™ application. Please make sure that you have clicked on the ‘Continue’ button before toggling between forms, even if you have not filled all the details in the current form, just to be sure that all your details get auto saved.

Maximum file size for the uploads is 5 MB. If you try to upload a file with size greater than the allowed size, iBRIDGE™ will show the error below: The file you are trying to upload is too large. (Max 5 MB)

File types allowed on iBRIDGE™ include .JPG, .PNG, .PDF and .JPEG. If you try to upload a file with a different extension, iBRIDGE™ will show the error below: .jpg, .png, .pdf, .jpeg formats are allowed

Barring the Authorisation and the NID form sections, you may toggle between sections or go back to previously filled sections. You may also click on the ‘Edit’ icon present on each section of the ‘Profile’ preview page to revisit that section and update any information or documents.

No, you will not be able to login to the portal again once you have finally submitted all the documents and details and have also clicked on the ‘Submit’ button in the profile preview page

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