Your Zodiac and Our Flagship Onboarding Product Are a Match

When Urvi from Product met Aarav from Marketing for a demo on iBRIDGE – our flagship verification and onboarding software – they spoke about data, recent use cases of AI and ML for our business, the boom in the digital onboarding space, and zodiacs (we know!). The discussion helped Aarav understand a lot about iBRIDGE and Urvi a lot about zodiacs. They put their minds together, which led to this blog. They literally could not stop gushing about it. So, our editors took pity and decided to publish this. Let us know what to tell Urvi and Aarav.

First, introductions

iBRIDGE digitises background check processes end-to-end, eliminating the need for physical and paper-heavy processes. It is a plug and play platform that enables checks like identity, education, employment etc., remotely using data analytics and machine learning. iBRIDGE comes with InstaForms, a digital signing feature that enables the collection of legally valid signatures on forms and statutory documents 100% digitally.

What this means for you is that you can onboard employees up to 90% faster, bring hiring and onboarding teams across geographies together and scale-up at will to improve operational efficiency. The impact on the bottom line is unmissable.


Top iBRIDGE features and zodiacs that are most likely to appreciate them:




  • Integrates with any HRMS portal

iBRIDGE integrates easily with all significant HRMS platforms. This helps your HR teams initiate verification cases automatically from their native tools, upload documents and receive reports back without any hassle at all.
Aries and Geminis, the most adaptive of the sun signs, will understand what we mean. The ability to gel without resistance is a great strength.

  • OTP-based authentication for every login management

Every time your candidate logs in to submit or edit documents, they need to undergo an OTP-based authentication so that only the candidates you selected are accessing our platform. The added layer of security prevents verification and onboarding frauds.
Holding privacy and security dear, Scorpios and Taureans will truly appreciate this feature. One can never be safe enough, can they be?

  • HR review before case submission + hierarchy and access management

Your HR can review documents and details submitted by candidates and mark and route back any insufficiencies or discrepancies to candidates before submitting the cases for final verification. This ensures that a check conducted is not errant on account of misinformation or missed details. iBRIDGE also allows admin access to one or multiple users based on location, recruiter, initiator, packages, etc.
Who knows more about detailing than Virgos and Libras! The devil, after all, is in the details.

  • Customisable templates your employer branding

Our customisable templates allow HR teams to send out all communication — emails, documents, forms etc. — to all stakeholders with your organisation’s logo embedded. This ensures brand consistency and an improved candidate experience.
Personalisation and aesthetics are top priorities for any Leo or Capricorn. If it does not look good, it does not feel right.

  • Digital interaction and the release of offer letter to candidates on iBRIDGE

Send customised reminders for expired candidate logins and reactivate 100% digitally on iBRIDGE. The offer letter can also be sent to candidates on iBRIDGE, and shortlisted candidates can digitally sign and accept offers letters, leading to the elimination of paperwork and improved productivity.
Inherently introverted and lousy at small talk, Aquarians and Pisceans are bound to love this feature so that they can only focus on meaningful communication.

  • Intuitive AI to instantly verify national identity

Verify national identities in real-time with the help of technologies like, OCR, anti-spoof image recognition and face match. After candidate documents are uploaded, our intuitive AI performs data extraction and fetches the closest database matches to generate a face match score, validating both the candidate and the identity document.
Cancers know all about intuition. They are mostly right about people and situations, and it is time they found someone (our AI) as correct as them.

  • Automated reports and case tracking in real-time

Track progress of every case in real time on a data-rich dashboard and download reports anytime for faster action. iBRIDGE also enables automated daily, weekly, and timely reports to be triggered at any frequency for agility on all your background verification cases.
Talk about speed and timely action and Sagittarians of the world will nod collectively. Agility is as much a Saggitarian trait as an iBRIDGE trait.


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